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Switch is a full service design & development agency for iOS, Android, Mobile & the Web. We are a dedicated team committed to materialize your ideas on paper & bring them to life on digital media.

Android Development

Native android development using Android Studio.
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iOS App Development

Native iOS development using xcode & swift.
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Website Develpoment

Using HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Bootstrap, Angular, etc.
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Cross-Platform Development

Hybrid app development for multiple platform support.
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Search Engine Optimization

Optimization using meta tags, google trends & back-linking.
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User Experience & Design

Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch we know it all.
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CMS, Ecommerce & Backends

Building specialty systems for largescale opertations.
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NodeJS, Loopback, .Net Framework, MongoDB & mySQL.
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Social Media Marketing

Managing online presence through social networks.
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Email Marketing

Extending business reach with targeted emails.
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Offshore Development

Handling custom requirements from foreign clients.
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IoT App Development

Case based development for home automation.
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What we offer

The diverse skill set of Switch’s team allows us to deliver services to match your requirements across strategy, design and development for web & mobile projects. From Full scale projects to MVP’s, we help our clients launch the best products possible. In our thirst for pursuing greater challenges to reach newer heights & be better than we were yesterday, we always keep moving forward.

UI/UX and Designing

Obviously the most important part of any communication over digital media is relaying information through graphical representation. That is very important when it comes to Apps & Websites because how the user interacts with the app will dictate the experience of the user & the performance of the app in the long-run. We do comprehensive intensive research and heavy critiquing of our wireframes to provide the most intuitive user experience. At the end of the UX phase we will provide you the blue print of your app or website. Once the UX is done, the UI is built. The UI extends the blueprints in the brands language. To top all of this we ensure that the design builds over the concept & the soul of the project to deliver a fun but also efficient user interaction.

Development & Engineering

This is where the magic actually happens, where dreams begin to take shape in the real world. Here the developers reign supreme, this is the their domain, they write the code which is presented to the user in the shape of the UI. We assign specialists that match with the technologies selected during the architecture phase. Our agile-based development runs in two-week sprints that result in a new, incremental build at the end of each fortnight, allowing you to regularly review and assess what we’re building.Ongoing quality assurance analysis means that there are no surprises at the end. Once the app is completed we will launch it in beta mode for your closed group of users. And once the app is ready for the public, we launch it to the store and your website/ admin panel goes live.

APIs & Webservices

Since we’re trying achieve perfection in digital wizardry & for this we require end-to-end control. This basically implies that we also manage how the apps communicate with the server & what kind of data should be transferred between the users & the servers, this is very important because this allows us to make sure that we provide the greatest efficiency & ease of use when a user is interacting with the app. For example keeping in mind that the data transferred should be managed differently considering the user could be using 2G connection or a high speed Wi-Fi.

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