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Our Core Philosophy

What we do & what are the principles that guide us!

Switchsoft Technologies

Our Work Ethics

At Switch we really love & enjoy what we do, but at the same time do it passionately.

End-to-End Control & Real-Time Teamwork

We have the UI/UX, we have the developers & we have the APIs, all the required ingredients to make digital wizardry happen. Now what we also have is great co-operation between all these departments, because we’re a family at switch. And why does this matter? Because, this ensures that everyone is involved with the project from it’s inception to it’s delivery every step of the way & this ensures that everyone is continuously working with each other to constantly figure out the best possible solution for any kind of obstacle we face, we face it together. This ensures that we all know & work with limitations of each other’s domains, but that is what makes the impossible into a possibility, for example - a problem or a limitation of code could easily be resolved by slightly improvising on the UI, the is how innovation happens in a real time scenario.

Our Experience

In today’s world & lifestyle, every kind of information we want to access, we use the web & generally we use a mobile to access this information. And these days everyone has different display sizes but that is not the only thing to consider, we have to consider what your idea is and what is the best way to present it. With today’s technologies you are presented with many options for example building an app with a native platform or a hybrid app for cross-platforming or a website with a responsive view. So here’s where we come in, based on your idea we will build your mobile strategy and then debate over the required device functionality, the importance of security, offline capability, interoperability, etc., that must be taken into account & after intensive research & analysis select a platform that is best suited for your needs. With our experience with a multitude of varied projects, we can construct the digital identity of your idea & ensure that the vision not only flourishes but also grows in the long run.

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