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Social Media Marketing

Well you definitely want to be on social media because there are a lot of people on it, and you want people to be aware & buy your stuff. We can help you with building a dynamic & bold identity on social media that promises return on your investment.

PHASE 1: Creating your online presence

It is key in social media marketing to understand what kind of impact the business or brand has on the social network. Regardless of the core purpose of the business, social network runs on active & live content. That means that it requires daily engagement with people to establish itself as a recognizable brand/business/company.

Generating pages on all social networks for the business & creating resources for the same. Creating a brand sheet developed from the marketing assets that have been for offline basis. If there is no marketing asset for the business, then generating a design sheet for the purpose of creating a recognizable design for association with the business/company/brand.

PHASE 2: Optimizing your Social Media & Creating a Strategy

After splashing into the ocean of social media, we need to understand the ecosystem. This requires us to setup a game plan suited for your organization based on tools we use for auditing and analysing your social media pages, get a detailed reports on your engagement with the users and users engagement with the brand on your pages, this encompasses likes, views, reactions, comments, posts, etc.

Based on this data we setup clear cut goals, objectives & KPIs. This involves setting up a calendar to schedule for important dates to be leveraged for promoting your content for boosting your business. And using the given data to optimize your setting on social media platforms for gaining access to your core market audience. Coming up with crisis management plans for key situations so that the campaigns are read for emergencies. Based on discussing all of the above, this allows us to setup a budget for social media promotions, marketing & advertising.

PHASE 3: Building your Advocate Community

The importance of the social media isn’t only to gain awareness and recognition. It is to build an active thriving community that becomes your buyers but also they become your advertisers. So this requires an incessant and consistent attempt to build, grow, engage & leverage your social audience to maximise your online revenue. And all platforms let it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Medium, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora etc. all of them have different ways of building a community.

This requires for us to approach Influencers & Advocates, established people on social platforms that closely associate with your brand/company/business or are open to promote a business that is in the same field as they are. All of this tracked by measuring the Return on Investment (ROI). Based on the data provided we can target certain geo-locations, create lists for separate platforms & approach markets in a more guerilla-esque fashion.

PHASE 4: Content Generation

Social Media requires regular content generation, but not necessarily content creation but also involves internal content curation & external curation. Sharing other relevant data associated with your business is also important, as it creates backlinks on social media platforms & creates good relationships with other business that will come in handy.

Creating blogs is very important as it allows for searches based on keywords but also allows for you to keep the people updated on what’s you’re upto & what your thoughts on new stuff that pertains to your field. So we regularly build blogs after studying trends & the flow of the market, this allows for coming up with captions for posts for instagram, facebook, etc. Also it is important to note, that creating stories for instagram & facebook helps for your brand to connect emotionally with your audience.

PHASE 5: Social Advertising

Now we run ad campaigns to penetrate a larger market set to create a broad spectrum awareness amongst people who’re interested in your business’ field but aren’t aware of your specific brand or company. After all of this we measure the ROI statistics & analyse reports generated via several high end tools to verify your brand’s performance on social media platforms.

SMM is a consistent & continuous process that only becomes more intensive in the long run as competing agencies keep coming up in the market, and since we’re experts as we’ve been in the SMM field for a long time, it is a good option for you to avail our high caliber service as soon as you can.

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