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PHASE 1: Gathering Information

We start with discovering and researching, this determines how the subsequent steps will look like. The most important task at this point is to get the clear understanding of your future website purpose, the main business strategy, and the target audience you want to attract to your site. This kind of website development questionnaire helps to develop the best strategy for further project management.

Different types of websites provide visitors with different functionality which means that different technologies should be used according to the purpose. Such as content management, web services and the involvement of a database if the content is heavy. Or the framework that might be required such as Angular JS or React JS. Wordpress or Static.

A well designed and detailed plan is prepared on the basis of pre-development data can protect the client from spending extra resources on solving the unexpected issues such as design iterations or adding functionality that wasn’t initially planned.


We create a sitemap based on the data we have gathered. This is the backbone of the website & contains the hierarchy and page navigation. Basic elements of what data the site contains is decided here.

The sitemap is a relativity tool that helps us understand how each of the pages behave in relation to other pages & the placement of what content where on the website will be the most optimal. This is based on what the end-user requires to see & how easy it will be for the end-user to access said content on the website. This dictates the creation of a user-friendly website in terms of User Interface & User interaction.

Then we begin wireframing & prototyping, which is a visual representation of the user interface, which is generally tweaked on & then sent for approval.

PHASE 3: Design the website

User Experience (UX) Designing: So here we the whole architecture of the design is created, such as the interaction structure, the navigation details & the Design Elements. The UX designer also decides on important animations such as layout movement & the choreography of the elements when animated, the easing in or easing out. The animation graph for the choreography.

User Interface (UI) Designing: Now at this stage we dress up the website bring in the colors, put it in some magic with vibrance. The UI designer adds the life into the website by adding graphic design & typography, also in certain cases cute logo svg animations or visual effects. This phase itself has many review stages & is a multi-layered process involving multiple reviews.

PHASE 4: Development - Coding

Now we can finally start creating the website itself. We start out by creating the home page & slowly build on from there to the other pages following the sitemap. Based on the content & it’s fluidity as per the earlier phases, we approach either the wordpress development or a static development. Wordpress offers the user to be in more control as the content is needed to be updated on a regular basis. Whereas a static website involves generally a more closed approach where the data isn’t regularly updated over long periods of time.

Wordpress also offers integration of multiple plugins or widgets for a more dynamic approach, however with JavaScript many of those integrations can be added to a static website but not as easily as to a wordpress one.

Code is always delicate as the syntax and the manner of writing dictates the performance & the appearance all at the same time, which is why a meticulous approach is taken at Switch to optimise the development.


It doesn’t just end at development, we are perfectionists and we have a compulsion to keep testing every little aspect of the application until we’re satisfied.

User Acceptance Testing - Remember how we told you about the many android types, now we run a test across all device platforms & sizes to test the website.

Intense Testing: Our testers go over the website with automated tools & manual testing together to find bugs, and create a daily list for our team to review and immediately fix, fine tune the application. At each stage we send a changelog & build, to the client and reel them in the whole process.


It’s time to launch. After all the sweat, blood & tears, we prepare ourselves to publish the website on to the domain & hope all goes well. Maintenance After the website is launched, we commit ourselves to revise, edit & maintain the website. For example - bug fixes, improvements in performance & efficiency, etc.

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