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Search Engine Optimization

Everyone uses google, mostly, but also other search engine & we provide the ability for your website to be listed on the top results when searched through a search engine, which is the effective meaning of an SEO.

PHASE 1: Analyse the Business’ Target Market

Website analysis. We run a complete heuristic analysis of meta/keywords, visible text & code to determine how we can position your website for search engines.

Competitive analysis. We critically examine the content for keywords & then restructure the content based on current keyword rankings on search engines.And then come up with strategies based on daily traffic analysis & then developing a long term strategy.

Initial keyword nomination. Development of a prioritized list of targeted search terms related to regular customer search terms dependant on customer base/target audience & market segment.

PHASE 2: Keyword Research and Development

Keyword analysis. We identify a set of targeted keywords & phrases based on competition & other pertinent & industry sources. Using initial analysis to determine seo trajectory for incoming months & how many websites are competing for each keyword. Word assessment & content correction, basically for spelling errors, & also including search engine queries for words that are incorrectly spelled commonly when searching for keywords and using those for our strategy.

Baseline ranking assessment. So after starting the initial build up, we maintain a simple excel sheet in order to regularly assess the performance of the keywords over a long time. General assessment is made by the ranking & overall traffic, though sometimes traffic doesn’t have a major impact on the ranking, so we prioritize ranking as a better review mechanism than traffic.

Goals and Objectives. We set clear goals and decide in advance the strategy required for different pages & considering social media influx as a path of the SEO trajectory. Social media largely comes into play after initially setting up the base keywords. Behaviour of people on social networks largely affects the SEO trend, so based on evolving technology certain keywords compete among themselves for rankings. Some obsolete keywords might become important suddenly.

PHASE 3: Step 3: Content Optimization and Submission

Creating page titles. We set up a title based on popular keywords helps to establish a theme & a direction for your website.

Creating meta tags. Then we set up the meta description tags that influence click-throughs.

Placing strategic search phrases on pages. We integrate selected keywords into the website's’ source code and restructure the existing content on designated pages. The keywords are seamlessly added to the content of the page, so that it is a natural inclusion & not randomly added with no reason.

Adding google site verification ID. We setup a google site verification ID for your website as then it validates your website. Basically authenticates your ownership of your website. This affects the search engine’s web crawlers, because google then recognizes your website & allows it to be listed on it’s engine.

Developing a sitemap for popular search engines. WE do this because then it makes it easier for search engines to index your website. We set up both XML & HTML versions.

Setting up google analytics & webmaster. We set up google analytics & webmaster to monitor performance overtime.

Backlinking. Now to generate organic traffic effectively we also do backlinking which is basically writing articles on other websites which redirect traffic to our intended website.

PHASE 4: Continuous Testing and Measuring

Testing & Measuring. We analyze the search engine rankings and web traffic to determine the effectiveness of the strategies we’ve implemented, including assessment of individual keyword performance. The we Test the results of the changes, and keep changes tracked in a spreadsheet.

Maintenance. Ongoing addition and modification of keywords and website con­tent is necessary to continually improve search engine rankings so growth doesn’t stop, and we keep persistently doing it. We review the link strategy and ensure that the inbound and outbound links are relevant to the business. We create blogs which can provide the necessary structure and ease of content addition that we need.

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