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CMS, Ecommerce & Backend Development

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CMS Development

We can help you manage & maintain your organization's data, improve efficiency & streamline your workflow with a case based specifically designed content management system that suits the requirements of your particular organization. A Tailor-made CMS just for you. With our extensive knowledge in both design & development we can create the most effective solution for you.

And if you're wondering about future additions to the existing CMS, our platforms are completely scalable and fluid to adapt to any type of technology as suited. From the simple generation of reports in excel sheets or PDF formats to the comprehensive creation of plane based region on maps for driver delivery systems, we can do it all. A completely modular & extensible CMS.

E-commerce Development

In today's day & age, you might have a product or a service that might not be a compatible product to be listed on big e-commerce websites like flipkart, amazon or urbanclap. And you're not concerned about the traffic as you might have dedicated buyers for your product/service but you're looking to make your business easier through digital technology, in that case we will absolutely be able to provide you an E-Commerce platform completely designed to suit your requirments, configured with all necessary implants such as payment gateway, integration with social networks & other features as desired.

Back-end Development

We provide a dedicated service exclusive for back-end services such as database administration, scalability, safe authentication & authorization, custom built services to suit your front-end web needs. Using languages such as NodeJS or PHP, we can help you establish a truly sustainable back-end that functions as you want, handling all your requirements for you, automating processes that would otherwise be a difficult task to do manually.

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