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YCITY is a smart ultility management application that tracks utilities consumption such as electricity, water and gas bills designed for YCITY smart community that has IoT enabled devices attached to the utilities YCITY has introduced IoT devices into their community and apartments, wherein these devices will keep track of all utilities such as electricity, water & gas. This allowed us to use the data that is incoming from these devices to create an application which provides users with a graphical interface to view their utility expenses and consumption.

We also implemented a payment gateway to allow users to pay all of their bills with a simple click via whatever payment mode they want to use, allowing the community to run smoothly without any questions asked. If need be there is also a history of all bills that have been generated stored in the app, in case user wants to go back and check. the application will also remind you about bills that are due or upcoming, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to pay!


A very clean UI with playful colors and a vivid graphical interface.


View your utlity consumption on-the go and in real-time.


View utility consumption reports vs. last month or year.


Easily Manage bills and payments from one single app.

App Screenshots

Curating screens we love from the application.


A Simple Solution

Paying utility bills for your apartments has always been a hassle, you have to remember the due dates and then keep in mind the cost cutting on your utility expenses. It is just too much, especially if you're a working individual, so YCITY & Switch has automated the whole process and brought into existence a smart community. Now no one has to worry about anything and can easily with a single tap can view their utility expenses & consumption over any period of time.


Always Notified

Now you don't have to worry about forgetting to pay due bills, as you are notified about your upcoming bills and payments that are due. All payments are recorded as history in your account's payments tab where you can also generate a PDF document for print. With the integration of a robust payment gateway, you can pay your bills with any payment mode or form you choose to desire with ease!

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