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Radysh had already an offline system however they needed a versatile online system that could handle their workload and incoming orders. Since they are region specific service providers, the pricing needed to change based on demand, amount of servicemen in the area and timings.

This application also required live activity tracking & a live support system that could switch between a human and AI bot that could classify incoming queries and resolve simple queries on it's own. Over this, the live socket support and payment system required to be completely encrypted to ensure users of a safe & secure environment. The Application was designed to be as minimal as possible allowing users to quickly order their required service and monitor it's activities only from the notification settings.


Create a simple application for servicemen to initialise incoming orders asap.


We used state of the art end-to-end encryption services and payment systems to ensure data is safe.


You can track all activities of your serviceman from start till the end, includes live map tracking.


A customised live chat interface & 24*365 support system, ensuring all queries are answered within minutes.

App Screenshots

Curating screens we love from the application.


Smart Payment Calculation

Radysh was built with a smart payment calculating algorithm that balances region, time, demand & supply as prime factors in dictating the pricing of a service. Radysh has a massive load of incoming orders and the pricing needed to be regulated so that servicemen accepting customer orders don't wait for a price surge to allow for order traffic. This was smoothened out with the ability to allow for a maximum servicemen in an area and balanced to match servicemen of a certain rating to be matched based on their performance with customers of a similar rating.


Live Activity Tracking & Support System

Radysh has a complete live system setup with each order and service being tracked in real time to allow for a complete professional service experience. On top of this, it has a live support system to allow for immediate problem resolution and solving smaller queries with an AI Bot that learns over-time and can be trained to resolve simpler problems on it's own. It also functions to categorise queries based on priority and type so that specific cusomter support executives are assigned based on expertise.

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