What did we do?

When you look good, we look good; See why our customers choose our services over other competitors


Hash out the interface & it's behaviour for the application.


Develop an action plan to initiate a feasible application.


The design philosophy implemented on the UI for uploading reports quickly.


Review feedback from initial run for improvements.


App Screenshots

Curating screens we love from the application.


Public Appeal

Designing for the crowd appeal, the design of the application has to be visually appealing yet be swift enough to publish a report of the violation in less than a minute, that includes the time for taking pictures or videos if required. So we needed to build a streamlined and solid navigation in the UX flow. The visual appeal of the application is not only for the aesthetic but act as an intuitive direction for it's usage.


Data Validation

NHAI needed a refined backend system for largescale traffic crime validation to allow swift justice to be executed by the authorities. To achieve this we had to design a specific UX for the backend so that it initiated a multi-select validation based on photos & repeat offenders submitted via multiple users.

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