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Legend Connect is a smart apartment management application developed for legend developers. It was built to unify several utilities and services provided by apartments to its residents. Most of these services take time via the offline channels, so we offered them an alternative of going digital and tracking all services and utilities with a smart CMS that can manage all of this easily.

The main problems that are faced in an apartment is paying utility bills, asking for servies such as repair or inviting guests. Unifying all of this under on application with added functionalities we were able to make living in an apartment a comfortable experience, allowing you to pay your bills online and get statements, a ticket management system for services and repairs, a guest list system, a staff management system, a vehicle management system, a community section & a facilities booking system. This allowed legend connect app to be implmented in other legend projects. Not only this but you can also manage multiple apartments from one single application.


A Minimalistic UI granting easy access to all features from home screen.


Pay online via a multiple payments systems and payment gateway for on-time payments.


Access all your apartment's statements from one secure location easily.


Manage multiple apartments from one single application.

App Screenshots

Curating screens we love from the application.


Simply Brilliant

All the hassles of living in an apartment has been solved by this application. Especially the most annoying part is of payments and managing bills/statements. You can pay online instantly via a payment gateway offering multiple types of payment systems, giving you freedom to pay from anywhere and at anytime. And access all statements from one secure location. Not only this but the CMS allows the apartment management team to view and deliver all necessary services to you as immediately as possible, with the inclusion of an invite list & a separate application for apartment gateway monitoring you can feel super safe in your apartment.


Create Tickets & Staff Monitoring

The second annoying part of living in an apartment is not getting repairs done on time and/or maids not showing up. With legend connect both of these problems are solved instantly, as a ticket creation system allows for you to create a query that will pop on the CMS and the concerned department will answer your query asap. There will also be a log of past tickets and ongoing tickets. With the gateway monitoring app and the staff management system, you will be immediately noqtified as soon as your staff logs in at the gate. And the smart staff management system automatically calculates staff working days and keeps track of their activities on the back-end side.

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