What did we do?

Imagine creating a universal platform to support check-ins of multiple hotel bookings, the idea is revolutionary. Primarily because the check-ins process is painful. And to be easily done through one app even before checking-in. To top it all, the inclusion of the ability to use hotel facilities through the same application offers ease-of-use to everyone.

In just 3 months we have built the core application & initalized a radical backend to not only achieve the primary goal but also additional features such as room availability, feedback management & guest management for the hotels also.


A high level design is expected in the hotel management industry to provide the feeling of hospitality.


To create an app that speaks for itself, to achieve it's goal with nor or minimal help.


To develop an exclusive standalone backend system without the need for a front-end app.


To maintain quality standards over a long period of time.


App Screenshots

Curating screens we love from the application.


Intense Testing

Hospitality & hotel management is a fast paced business that requires disciplined approach & sustained dedication. Especially when it comes to users of an application, there is a certain standard to be expected. So we had to be extra careful when it came to the testing of the front-end application & backend platforms. There was extensive testing over a period of months to correct & refine several bugs so that the platforms could take the heat in the real life situation.


Polishing Development & Design

Extensive testing eventually leads to many bugs & lapses in the UX or the UI process. So we had to polish up the UI & UX of the application to achieve desired results & come with better logical approaches for current algorithms to optimise the performance for the industry standards.

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