What did we do?

However with more than 200 synchronised & scheduled daily operations, we were able to successfuly develop the mobile app & provided a backend to manage the content exclusively for the mobile application & send push notifications to the user.

With in 2 months, more than 80,000 people have downloaded this app.


Use the existing website & translate it into an app.


The UI/UX needed to be a cooler version of the existing eenadu image.


Create webservices that build on the news from their website.


To build a system to update itself as fast as the news is uploaded on the website.


App Screenshots

Curating screens we love from the application.


Legacy rooted

Creating a platform that utilises a legacy system is complicated. Primarily because for a news based application the data is rapidly changing. This dynamic stream of data needed to be translated over to the application simultaneously with the website, this required us to build asynchronized operations through cron jobs.



Eenadu is one of the most respected & oldest news outlets in Southern India. The created brand image & expectancy needed to be translated in the look & feel of the application in it's behaviour for it's UX and it's UI. But at the same time maintain the aptitude of the modern day news application. So we relied on a simple white UI & intuitive UX, to narrate the design via font sizes & images.

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