What did we do?

DocAxon lets you to chat with other doctors to seek clinical advice, and also expand your referral network. Also it let’s the doctor allow their assistants help them manage part of the data if the doctor wants to grant them permission if desired.

We designed and developed their mobile apps to ensure seamless experience & access to doctor’s practice and patient information from anywhere.


To build base material design as most people use it on a daily basis.


To create a platform to manage or adapt all possible healthcare management requirements.


Create a UX that speaks for itself, to use it as soon as you download.


A choice to keep the app ready for integration with future possible technologies.


App Screenshots

Curating screens we love from the application.


Refined Webservices

Docaxon had webservices for their responsive website but they were funneling too much data. To port the same webservices onto a mobile application would slow it down & be detrimental on a 2G internet mobile network. So we had to minimise their services & refine the data funneled through built with customised filters, that allowed us to manage only necessary data onto the mobile application.


Material Design v1.1

Initial Material design introduced during the lollipop era was still evolving & hadn't reached the android N stage. It was a newly introduced language, but we saw it to be the potential future considering most famous android phones now rely on the simple stock android experience. So we experimented with the concepts of the base material design to introduce a stock experience but with our own twist. The importance of choosing this is, the principles of the language is built into the android experience & therefore for most users it would provide almost no learning time to use the application.

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