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DesiKart tied up with local groceries in their area and built up a fast delivery logistic in it's region. With the delivery system physically set up, they needed a digital system that could handle the high demand from people ordering food from their offline system and also provide vendors with a CMS, that can take orders and do the required calculations.

This is a completely customised ecommerce application, built to handle diversification of item and sub item categories as all grocery items can have multiple hierarchies, and a seamless search system built with AI (Artificial Intelligence), machine learning & pattern recognition that learns from the user interaction.


To create a seamless UI so that user can easily get to what they need.


Based on user search and pattern, AI will create a dynamic consumer experience.


Consumer can get to required products as quickly as possible.


Adding more item and sub-item categories is simple and easy.

App Screenshots

Curating screens we love from the application.


Adaptable User Interface

DesiKart has been designed and developed with a minimal UI language that allows itself to adapt as per requirements, which is to channelize and promote certain deals and offers that the system has learned from user interaction with AI & pattern recognition. After studying user habits & behaviour we have built a system that will dynamically create itself however without interrupting core UI features and prime functionalities.


Simple Classification

One of the main problems of tying up with multiple grocery vendors in a region is that categorising their inventory into a single stock is difficult. However we have come with a simple classification system that offers a two level break down, similar to how supermarket stock is classified into it's stores, Main Item category to Sub-Item categories into products. This allows user to understand easily and where to find what, and also easier for the global search system to pull relevant searches.

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