What did we do?

BBuzz required a UI design that focused on attractive images and a smart curation system that allowed offers to continually change via a robust backend system based on various businesses uploading their own offers onto the platform via a business owner based CMS.

BBuzz is divided into primary categories based on type of businesses and offers are then classified after business owners are clubbed into one of those categories. There is also a specific trending deals section that curates the hottest deals based on how many users are redeeming the deal. The primary reason of using BBuzz is that it offers special deals due to it's platform advantage and can only be redeemed only on this application, allowing users to get a better deal and business owners to get more customers via tying up with BBuzz.


Simple and elegant UI with basic elements to allow for a clutter free experience.


Constantly updated by various business owners via a robust CMS.


Deals are curated based on user preferences, pattern recognition, business channel rating and overall deal performance.


Users can also "brag" about deals offered via other business channels, allowing for a competitive market system.

App Screenshots

Curating screens we love from the application.


Smartly Curated

BBuzz is designed to curate content based on cutomer preferences, pattern recognition, best deals, business channel ratings and the amount of redemptions the deal has had. Allowing for a more satisfying customer experience, on the front-end it is kept to be a simple yet elegant UI so that the customers can focus on browsing through deals seamlessly and avail them as quickly as possible. The trending section also functions on a similar algorithm yet is based on global identifiers and averages of multiple factors, allowing it to be a more diverse curation.


Bragging System

In a competitive business market, it is necessary to create offers and deals that are better than your competitors. So BBuzz has created a bragging system which is a smart way of understanding the market, by allowing users to post offers they've availed elsewhere, which can then be studied by other business channels to improvise their market strategy on-the-go and change their deals giving them the edge of being on BBuzz.

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