What did we do?

Your pool of contacts could be tagged via a catergory such as a regular carpenter. For example you might require a business like “plumber”, but then you have to personally ask from friends or look someone up, but on bablaboo you could just do a simple search in your shared network to find “plumbers” that you or your friends can call upon in case of need.

Now this also allowed Switch to magnify on the idea itself & come up with a rating system to make it a more efficient experience but also let the business compete by being listed on the platform by being verified and listed exclusively as business professionals on the app. We also made a comprehensive backend system to manage this complex idea.


To build a viable UX to translate the complex features into a simple UI.


Study today's social networks & what's see what's missing.


Design a visually appealing UI, rooted in our simple & clean philosophy.


Creating a structure that is ready to support eventual & future enhancements.


App Screenshots

Curating screens we love from the application.


Revise, Rinse & Repeat

Bablaboo went through atleast 4 revisions to reach a certain UX structure before the design could be put into place. And the design itself need continual improvisations as functionality evolved over the course of the project. Starting out from the base of material design & then moving towards a hybrid language that applies saturated color gradients into it's simple structure.


Digital Architecture

Bablaboo depends on it's database & it's architecture heavily, so it's software skeleton had to be foolproof. This required detailed analysis & inspection of it's algorithms to reach a standard for building it's core functionality. Essentially the foundation of bablaboo being the ability to rapidly manage multiple users & their contact data.

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