Tricks For Generating More Online Advertising Leads

What exactly does one mean by leads? Site traffic is all well and good but simply getting in visitors doesn’t mean you’ve won this round. Leads are what one really needs, as opposed to visitors that you simply want. While visitors simply wander into your site from every which way and take a tour, leads actually come, see and respond.

Leads are like your business’ official brand ambassadors, representing the clout you exercise over consumers. Ain’t nothing happening with no leads. Just take a good look at this chain:

No leads? No engagement ? No engagement? No sales ? No sales? No Revenue ? No Revenue? No Profit!

See what we mean? Generating leads online can be a right pain sometimes but as statistical data proves, global digital ad spending repeatedly tops over a 100 to 200 billion dollars every year! Which is why your company needs to start maximizing its leads-to-visitors site ratios,  achievable through some kick-ass lead generation tricks and tips listed as follows:

Getting Social

Social media is one medium you just can’t ignore. These days, just about every business has swooped in onto networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc in and with literally billions of people accessing these; is it any wonder that it’s such a popular and powerful advertising medium?

When it comes to generating leads, social media can be as quick as a tortoise. Which is exactly what no one likes to hear if they’re in the business of getting quick results. But hear us out, while it can be time-consuming, it also helps you bond with potential customers.

Think of it this way. All these sites - Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, are varying virtual directories, that you can sift through (either via your services or keywords) to find your market base.

Tricks For Generating More Leads on Social Media:

1. Facebook - With over 1.4 billion users; Facebook is the hunting ground for businesses looking to widen site traffic. Primary advantage here? Easier to target users based on their demographics. Lead generation on FB goes along the lines of something like this:

Ad Objective?Target Identification?Call-to-Action?Advanced Targeting (via demographics – location, gender, language etc)?Insight

2. Twitter - Like Facebook, Twitter also generates quite the online advertising. A lead generation campaign for Twitter includes any of the following: 

  • Promoted Tweets (Type a particular keyword and find a promoted tweet likely at the top. E.g. Search FIFA, end up with promotional tweets from sponsors)
  • Promoted Accounts (Usually when you want to increase the number of your followers. E.g. Big brands with their official handles – Starbucks, Wendy’s, McDonalds etc)
  • #Hashtagging (Stay relevant by using trending hashtags. E.g. Some latest fad or challenge going around)
  • And last but never least, Twitter Website Cards (Draw Twitteratis to your website), Lead generation cards (Lists out names and emails of potential leads), UTM parameters (to help identify click-throughs) and conversion tracking (an ROI measure of a Twitter advertising campaign)

 3. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is officially the best channel to target businesses with over 450 million members! A watering hole for every professional out there,LinkedIn is a great advertising option when it comes to identifying the right target group.

 A LinkedIn lead generation campaign may look something like this:

  • A simple, easy ad campaign (not more than 25 and 75 characters for a headline and description respectively)
  • Ad multiplicity as per demographic requirements.
  • Landing page specificity to ease user experience.
  • Website Analysis

 Web Advertising

Web advertising happens to be a pretty valuable technique when it comes to lead generation, especially with its ability to drive massive traffic to your website. And one way of going about this is using Google AdWords. Most of us in the marketing profession know what AdWords is all about because let’s face it, AdWords happen to be the big daddy of online advertising.

Around 97% of Google’s total revenue comes from advertising. Yes, that’s right, 97%! It’s because AdWords help businesses target people who carry out specific searches, using very specific keywords.                  

Tricks for generating more leads via Google AdWords:

  • Keyword Research (Use a keyword planner to create a list of keywords relevant to your business and your buyers)
  • Keyword Segmentation (Section out your keyword list into campaign and ad groups)
  • Create Ad texts corresponding to a particular ad group keyword
  • Utilize Exact match keywords (Keywords that happen to be the carbon copy of what a searcher enters into a search engine)
  • Enable location targeting (Displays your ads only in areas where your service is available)
  • Tracking (Use Google Analytics to keep an eye on everything that goes on)

 Content creation

When it comes to getting the visitors to your website, nothing works as good as fresh content. Content creation is a shoo-in for the job of generating leads. As cliché as it may be, content is king when it comes to online advertising. 

And by content we don’t mean that odd article here and there; flung out onto the web,  but a cluster of blogs, videos, images, infographics, articles/blog posts, webinars,  live chat lists, how-to guides, success stories, customer reviews/ testimonials, media mentions, social media integration and so much more!

Create zingy content in the form of blogs or answer specific questions about your product or service on Quora or create infographics to increase view and share count and so on. It’s pretty simple, create content that is reliable and relevant thereby increasing lead generation, improving your website ranking, and customer satisfaction.

Landing Pages

Consider landing pages to be a form of online barter. Your page has a form that includes ‘check us out’ material (a free trial, a discount, etc.) that is provided to site visitors in  exchange for information.

Landing Pages happen to be a first-rate lead generation technique, only because they are customizable and suited to every type of customer accordingly. For example, a website offering marketing services to catering businesses could have an optimized landing page that targets say, a small scale catering business. The page could display testimonials from past clients, some specimens of issues faced by the business, and a copy directly aimed at caterers. This way, landing pages exercise quite the power when it comes to collecting online leads.

Email  marketing

An email continues to be the most effective way of engaging, acquiring and retaining customers for anyone operating a business. Whether it’s brisk ‘to-the-point’ emails or ones with funny GIFs and some pretty clever wordplay, email marketing revolves around the entire concept of  ‘direct engagement’.

When developing email content to generate leads, it all boils down to the following:

  • The subject line - The first line that catches the reader’s eye, it should address buyer problems in a manner that smooth-talks them into reading the content.    
  • Snappy content -  An email must always be a concise summary of engaging info.
  • Social media integration - When you add in social media to your email mix, it allows for reader redirection to your business’ social media page.
  • Insert images - A picture can speak a 1000 words, which is why it’s considered best to have images within an email
  • A call-to-action - CTAs are effective when it comes to pulling in record traffic.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can utilize both outbound and inbound marketing, create game apps, participate in forums to better understand your customers, interview influencers for your blog or social channels or even share videos on YouTube.

Even if you have the best product in the world, your business will crash and burn unless people know what it’s all about. Which is why the trick to lead generation is stirring your current and potential customers’ interest to gain more revenue and eventually acquire even more profits.