Top Reasons To Learn JavaScript

“Everything that can be written in javascript will be written in javascript” - Jeff Atwood

Deciding to learn something new is easy, but figuring out what exactly it is you want to learn? Now that’s hard! Especially if it’s gotta do with picking up a programming language. The question now reads: “But which one?” Well, in this post we will answer that question for you - study JavaScript! And if you’re wondering why that language, don’t worry. We’ve got a list of reasons as to why JavaScript is the perfect choice for you.

Not to get muddled with Java, JavaScript is a language that allows the development of interactive websites. A necessary web technology alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript is implemented within most browsers.

Thus, every programmer should know it even if one doesn’t develop in it. If you want to get into web development, and if you plan on being on its front lines, then you must learn JavaScript. And you must learn it well! Ever since it’s explosion in popularity, it is now the hottest programming language to learn!

Reasons for you to learn Javascript

1.It’s in the browser:
One of the biggest reasons for anyone to pick up Javascript is the fact that it is the “de facto” language of the web. This means that it comes installed on every modern web browser, allowing you the chance to do anything you wish minus all the hoo-ha of establishing environments and code editors, downloading and learning how to use compilers and so on. On top of that, JavaScript unquestionably lets you interact with HTML and CSS, which happen to be the building blocks of nearly every website out there.

2.No trouble learning:
Compared to other programming languages, Javascript is relatively easier to learn. Since it is a higher level language, it draws most of the complex details away so one can focus on learning how to program. The best part? You can easily get started with coding straight from your browser without setting up any development domain; which is why it’s the preferred choice for many beginners.

Whether or not you have an eidetic memory, JavaScript is pretty easy to master if you apply the right sources. And once you pick up the basics, you pretty much lay the groundwork to build further skills.  

3.The planet’s most popular programming language:
JavaScript has always been counted amongst the most popular programming languages in the world. Major businesses like LinkedIn, Google or even Netflix, design their applications via JavaScript. Which makes it an A1 starting point - because no matter the languages you pick up later on, chances are that you’ll just keep going back to JavaScript.

4.An active and diverse community:
One thing that surely contributes to JavaScript’s popularity has been its highly active and diverse community – inhabited by both professionals and newbies. New ideas are shared, systems improved, nifty tools employed - all contributing to the language’s benefit.    

And since community is key to the whole coding experience, a large vibrant community will only add more weight to your experience. A programming language can be highly exceptional but without the support of a community to aid it further, it won’t stay around for long. One step into the programming world, and you’ll realize how vital support is - it’s all about giving and receiving help. Moreover, the larger a community, the more the tools built to make development plain-sailing.

JavaScript has overtaken Java in terms of community size. With over 9 million developers worldwide, and over 3600 meetup groups totaling 1.48 million members worldwide; the JavaScript community has a usefulness that other programming languages conspicuously lack. There are active forums that push the language forward, meetups that allow networking, learning from fellow developers, and mentoring.

Add the fact that it’s been around for over two decades, JavaScript officially has a massive community. It’s impossible to be puzzled too long when it comes to a JavaScript-related coding problem – any question you have has probably been asked, answered, and posted online in some programmer community. For the newcomers on the block, this gives them a lot of confidence.

5.Flexibility and Adaptability:
It’s not simply a front-end language. As a back-end one, JavaScript allows greater scalability and performance because of its event-driven architecture. It even permits a smooth transition from the back-end to the front-end.

JavaScript’s adaptability lets you have some great interactions on the front-end and asynchronous functioning. It’s not tethered to any browser or operating system and has unlimited capabilities due to this effectual and adaptable nature.

6.Used everywhere:
Javascript is everywhere! It’s been reckoned that JavaScript runs on over 3 billion devices all across the globe – be they smartphones, desktops, ATMs, medical devices, Kindles, and so much more. It even has a marked role to play when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud development.

Today, it works on the server with nodejs and is used on the client side of web development. Operating in browsers since 1995, it helps assemble performant native apps as well as cross-platform desktop apps, power smart TVs, and produce music! It’s basically an all-in-one language with an inescapable universality perfectly in sync with an astute education in programming.

And with the language sticking around for over two decades, it’s logical to assume that it’s gained universality. Some of the world’s most noted websites (eBay, Linkedin, Amazon, and Facebook) are built on JavaScript, and the web browser is one of the most widely used applications on both desktop and mobile devices. Long story short - it’s legit everywhere!

7.Hassle-free debugging:
Mastering all the ins and outs of JavaScript programming means debugging code clearly and swiftly. Since JavaScript happens to be a web programming language, it lets you refresh easily and espy your debugging results. And once you have gotten both the knack and the taste for the debugging exercise, you can even make some dough by participating in bug bounty programs organized by big companies!

8.Greater career opportunities:
The web browser is one of the more widely used applications across both desktop and mobile devices. And with so many services moving to the web, JavaScript will continue to command continuous acclaim and the demand for JavaScript developers will only increase.  

JavaScript is clearly one of those core skills you require if you seek a career as a programmer. Being the most sought-after programming language in the world and the dearth of good developers within the market - it’s fairly obvious that you get a good deal out of learning Javascript. In fact, it’ll be kinda hard to find a job as a developer if you don’t at least have the basics down. Familiarizing yourself with JavaScript gives you a skill-set that’s universally in-demand by companies everywhere.

9.The language to spice up your pages:
Construct chic websites - Who doesn’t want a webpage that’s all the rage? JavaScript is one way of bringing in the “wow” factor to your web pages. Ever used an app and thought: “That’s so cool, I need to have the same effect!”? Well, you can. JavaScript runs all the fun, interactive sections. E.g. slideshows, animated words moving around the screen etc.

Design visual effects - JavaScript has the power to turn you into a design Einstein by allowing you to learn all that it takes to animate things within the browser! You can design animations via the established JavaScript animation library, Greensock, for coherent and complete animations.  

Create out of the box user interactions - Learning JavaScript means you get to build all these crazy user interactive experiences. E.g. The BMW website takes you inside their motor show with 360 views and cleverly placed navigational elements. Or the official Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them site that kicks off with a flat map of Manhattan with simple navigational buttons. Each one guides you to a close-up view where you can pan around or look closer, with the entire experience given stylistic touches through mouse hover effects and sound.

Game development - The browser has been the scene of many a crazy action! If you’re well versed in JavaScript and love the learning procedure, then you can become a professional game developer. As a game developer, you get the chance to create HTML5 and JavaScript games like Babylon.js (an open-source JavaScript framework), via which you can make and render 3D games within a browser. With powerful features that give you the power to create almost everything within your browser - from fully interactive 3D games to animated logos, this JavaScript framework offers a sound foundation for crafting feature-rich, WebGL creations that can be used almost everywhere.

Style your own blogs - With an expertise in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, you’d no longer have to be dependent on blogging platforms to sustain your own blog. The high chance of having services shut down or mislaying all your posts or the struggle of exporting them onto the system - whatever the risk, why take a chance? With your own blog, you are in control!

Guess these are reasons enough for one to learn JavaScript!
With services shifting their base to the web, JavaScript’s star will only continue to rise. A programming language with the ability to stay relevant and survive the odds (a deadly combination that!), it’s pretty obvious that JavaScript will only continue to grow in terms of usefulness.